Historic Columbia Speedway-Events Facility

The communities surrounding West Columbia and Cayce, SC have been blessed with the return of an old friend. The Columbia Speedway served the communities with top-level NASCAR and other racing excitement from the 1940s through the middle of the 1970s. The speedway thrived as a dirt track until NASCAR moved from dirt racing venues to all-asphalt track in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The track was paved in an attempt to retain the NASCAR dates, but failed to do so and closed for good a few years later.

In April of 2009 RacersReunion® held a very well-attended speedway reunion event (reported at nearly 30,000 spectators) and brought attention to the significance of the historical venue. With the support of the community, the owners (Sellers and Sons Holding Co, Inc) decided to clear the property of 30 plus years of trees and vegetation to allow this iconic venue to once again serve the public.

The Historic Columbia Speedway Events Facility was born. With over 9 acres of beautifully manicured infield and ample parking this facility has the ability to host major events. Although the racing surface is not suitable for competition, it is still intact giving attendees the ability to walk around a place were much of NASCAR’as history was born. Richard Petty ran his first race at Columbia Speedway in 1958 and returned in 1959 to capture his first win. There are dozens of other historically significant happening made possible by Columbia Speedway.

The facility now hosts a variety of events. The RacersReunion® event has become an annual occasion along with the Tartan Day South event. There have been drive-in movies, a carnival, a BBQ cook-off, car shows, concerts, a giant yard sale, and bicycling activities among the recent uses for Historic Columbia Speedway. It seems possibilities are endless as the speedway marketing group (Historic Columbia Speedway, LLC) has recently fielded enquirers about movie sets, bike rallies, a renaissance fair, and soccer events.

Historic Columbia Speedway is a live and well after taking a 30 year nap…ready serve the surrounding communities with excitement and interest.